Thursday, August 16, 2012

Birthday Balloon Avalanche Recipe

Today is the First Grader turns seven. It's a very exciting day at our house. When he wakes up and opens his door he will be flooded by his first surprise. A balloon avalanche! This adorable recipe can be used for all sorts of celebrations, use pastel balloons for Easter, red and green for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween and so many more! We love it and hopefully you will too!

Birthday Balloon Avalanche Recipe
Courtesy of Yours Truly, Holly M. Miller

A door that opens inward
2 large garbage bags
painter's tape
lots of balloons

First make sure door is closed tightly, this will only work on a door that opens inward.
Take two garbage bags and cut them open to where they would fit to cover the door way. Tape them together if needed.
Blow up your balloons. For an extra special touch you can put dollars in them or notes with your favorite memories of the birthday boy/girl.
Starting at the bottom of the door frame start taping the bags to the door frame adding balloons as you go up to the top.  The closed door will keep the balloons in the bags until they open the door!
Wake up in the morning and whomever is inside of the room will get a shower of balloons when they open the door.

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Birthday Palooza Day 15!
My first birthday present arrived today! 
I'm going to try and not open it until my birthday.
So excited!

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